About AlKauthar Institute

AlKauthar Institute is a pioneering academic Islamic education provider of Islamic Studies in the English language, it operates on a not for profit basis and is currently Enriching Lives Through Knowledge and Action in 5 continents across the globe.

Our dynamic educational programs are designed to impart tertiary level, academic Islamic instruction and are taught by qualified, professional instructors who share a wealth of experience in the Islamic and secular spheres.
We aim to be at the forefront of Islamic learning, providing the best possible experience for our students in their pursuit of knowledge and self-betterment.

Our mission is to deliver true orthopraxy, whereby a classical conservative Islamic perspective can be presented to the modern audience, with a clear direction on community participation and showing the spirit of Islam as well as its letter. 

AlKauthar Institute delivers this through its pioneering 2 day weekend seminars. Students receive textbook complete with detailed notes, question & answer sessions, plenty of interaction through a case-based learning approach, and refreshments throughout the day.

The AlKauthar curriculum is divided into the following faculties, theology, jurisprudence, Quranic studies, Prophetic traditions, History, and personal development.


This faculty covers the core areas of the Islamic creed or Aqeedah as it is known. The pillars of faith are covered in a selection of weekend courses that will enlighten the student about the essential matters of Islamic theology that every Muslim needs to know about.


This faculty covers the judicial regulations that govern acts of worship as well as other social matters. Each course will give a detailed overview of the legal rules derived from evidence in the various subjects. This will give the student a clear understanding of the code of conduct in subjects such as prayers, zakat, fasting, business transactions, marriage, divorce, hajj, inheritance amongst others.

Quranic studies

his faculty will deal with all the subjects that are directly related to the final revelation. This will include the sciences of the Quran as well as numerous courses on the Quranic commentary or Tafseer. These courses will enlighten students about the Quran as well as inculcate them with a stronger connection to the final revelation.

Prophetic traditions

This faculty covers the study of the Prophetic traditions known as hadith. This will cover areas like the science of hadith and also study the hadith themselves and extract the numerous benefits, wisdom, and life-changing action points from the sayings and actions of the final Messenger.


This faculty covers Islamic history from the Seerah of the Prophet, the lives of the four Caliphs and other selected periods in history. The aim will be to familiarise the student with the most important times in Islamic history, connect the student to the rich history of Islam and draw lessons from them that we can use today.

Personal development

This faculty covers subjects to do with Tarbiyah which is spiritual, moral and character development. The courses include areas such as the Islamic personality, dawah training, family life, and purification of the soul that will help each student to enhance his or her personal development along with Islamic ethics.

Under each faculty are important courses that a student wishing to pursue studies in Islam will require to obtain a sound overview of Islamic studies that can be applied in their lives today. Each course is designed to give maximum benefit in the allotted time, as well as leave the student with practical benefits that they can implement personally and share with others.

Each faculty contains mandatory and elective subjects, what connects each course is the integrated nature of combining strong academic content along with a practical understanding of how to apply that knowledge in our day to day lives. In this way, AlKauthar aims to inspire a generation to enrich their lives with knowledge and become exemplary, faithful members of the community in which they live and serve.

The AlKauthar Experience

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  • Textbook complete with detailed notes is provided so you can enjoy the live sessions without having to constantly write notes.
  • Download all the sessions in MP3 format to relive the experience. Revise the material at your own leisure. The audio is yours to keep for a lifetime.
  • Question & Answer sessions throughout the course. Sisters enjoy exclusive sessions!
  • Plenty of interaction through a Case-Based Learning approach.
  • Refreshments to keep you energized throughout the weekend.