Imtiyaz Damiel

Sheikh Imtiyaz Damiel was born in Blackburn, England, and is married with four children. He completed five years of a traditional Alimiyyah training course, and then went on to complete a BA Hons degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Leeds. As part of his degree he also spent one year studying in Sana, Yemen.

On completion of his degree he spent one year at Toronto, Canada, doing further studies in Comparative Religions.

In 2003 he completed a diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies, and then a further diploma in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language at King Saud University, Riyadh. He then completed another BA Hons degree in Islamic Studies at King Saud University, and then enrolled in the Masters program, specializing in Hadith & Tafsir at the same university.

Sheikh Imtiyaz is a University lecturer and Educational Consultant. He is currently the CEO and Founder of the multi-award winning Abu Hanifah Foundation. He was also the winner of the 2016 British Imams & Scholars award for outstanding contribution to youth work.

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