Enrich Pass is your gateway to Islamic knowledge and personal development.

Learn at your own pace at a time and place convenient to you on any device.

Enrich Pass membership offers 

  •  Unlimited AlKauthar weekend courses
  •  Online courses
  •  Livestream courses
  •  700+ short video lessons
  •  AlKauthar eBooks
  •  Monthly Webinars and Q&As
  •  Course kit with audio
  •  And much more!


This pass takes your learning from in-class to online and adds many exciting elements to make this the ultimate pass for any Muslim.


Access unlimited AlKauthar weekend courses worldwide! Attend all courses for free! Choose from 50+ course titles covering Marriage, Parenting, Personal Development, Seerah, Tafsir, Aqeedah, Fiqh and Islamic History held across 16+ cities worldwide.


Missed out attending the most popular AlKauthar courses in your city? We have you covered! Experience the most popular courses online with course video sessions, eBook, audio and PowerPoint slides! 


Experience AlKauthar weekend courses LIVE from selected AlKauthar cities. Live course video sessions also include eBook and presentation slides in one convenient browser window.


Access 700+ short video lessons on personal development and essentials of fiqh (covering complete series on purification, prayer, fasting, hajj, zakat, business transactions, marriage & divorce, food & clothing).


Access detailed AlKauthar course notes (with Quran and Hadeeth references) as eBooks online. Print copies of the notes also available for a small shipping cost (for postage and handling).


Looking for regular beneficial reminders? Attend monthly webinars online by AlKauthar instructors and invited speakers. Q&A sessions are held to answer your pressing questions. All webinars are recorded and archived for easy access.


Want to revise the course material after a course? Download MP3 audio of all course sessions and presentation slides. MP3 audios are optimised as small files for faster download and playback on any media device. 


Access all videos, eBooks, audios and presentation slides from an easy to use dedicated portal. Portal is optimised to be accessed from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer).

Featured Instructors

Sheikh Sajid Ahmed Umar

Sheikh Alaa Elsayed

Sheikh Bilal Ismail

Sheikh Daood Butt


$28 USD

Billed Monthly

$270 USD

Billed Annually
(20% Discount)

Terms and Conditions

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  • To be a member of the Enrich Pass, personal information will be provided to AlKauthar Institute to enable periodic updates by email and benefits entitlement.
  • Members who are subscribed to the Enrich Pass will pay a nominal fee of 28 USD per month, paid recurring monthly.
  • You will be subscribed to the Enrich Pass for a minimum of 3 billing cycles, after which you can cancel anytime without any penalty.
  • Benefits are non-transferable and exclusive to the Enrich Pass member.
  • AlKauthar Institute reserves the right to suspend or cancel the Enrich Pass accounts that are fraudulent, inactive over a year, or a breach of any Terms and Conditions in our sole discretion.
  • AlKauthar Enrich Pass is a loyalty program owned and operated by AlKauthar Institute. Terms and conditions may be subject to change.

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