TOF + The Ultimate Reminder

  • 24 September 2017
  • 9:00am to 9:00pm
  • Sydney - Australia
TOF + The Ultimate Reminder

Price: AU$70.00

10% GST inclusive

Normally valued at $105

Twins of Faith - $55 and The Ultimate Reminder - $50

You get an awesome $35 savings by signing up for both.

Twins of Faith: Dunya

24th September, 9am to 9pm, Rosehill Racecourse, Rosehill

My Life. The Reality. Our Future.

Deceived by the Dunya? Hopelessly depressed? Are you giving up?

"But seek, through that which Allah has given you, the home of the Hereafter; and [yet], do not forget your share of the world. And do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters."

The Dunya that Allah wants us to live is simple. It is a balanced one. Our prophet (pbuh) taught us to live our days as if we are living forever, and pray as if we will die tomorrow. So how can we achieve this spiritual balance?

At the same time, how can you strive to improve Your Life? What can you contribute to change The Reality that we live in? What are your rights as a citizen? How can social entrepreneurship, Islamic finances, good deeds and the youth impact on Our Future?

Join us for this years Twins of Faith to learn how to strive in this Dunya with Excellence, maximising our benefit in this Dunya while at the same time aiming for the highest levels of Paradise in the hereafter.

Ultimate Reminder Course Cover

15th October, 8:30am to 7:00pm

This course is a study of the Qur’an through the major events in the life of the Prophet (saws). The aim is to appreciate how Allah – through the Qur’an – supported, strengthened, consoled, uplifted and reminded the Prophet (saws) as he went about the monumental task of conveying the message of Islam.

The Qur’an, by extension, serves the same role for all of us – if we take and accept its guidance. The first part of the course is an introduction to the Qur’an, its blessings and revelation.

  1. Increase in love for Allah, the Messenger and the Sahaba
  2. Be convinced of the oneness of Allah by studying the proofs for it
  3. Appreciate the vastness of good deeds described in the Qur’an
  4. Be convinced of the Day of Judgement, paradise and hellfire
  5. Understand how history (stories of the Qur’an) impacts the present
  6. Understand the role and impact of the ansaar, the hypocrites and the Jews in Madinah
  7. Study the most important incidents in the life of the Prophet and their explanation in the Qur’an

And Much more...

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