The Muslim DNA

How to Develop the Ideal Muslim Character

  • 8 April2018 - 31 December 2020
  • 12:00am to 12:00am
  • Online - Worldwide
  • Course Notes:
    Free folder with course notes complete with Quran and Hadith references
  • Course Audio:
    Free MP3 audio of each tutor session available to download
  • Breaks & Refreshments:
    Free refreshments provided during frequently held breaks throughout the course.
  • Q&A Session:
    Courses include Question and Answer session. Sisters only Q&A also available
  • Student Participation:
    Students encouraged to enhance learning via case based studies.

Additional Resources

At a time when perceptions are everything, setting a good example is far more powerful than mere words. So here is your chance with this practical course for every Muslim old and young, novice or veteran there is something for everyone to learn and become a better person in ‘The Muslim DNA’.

This course will delve into the tafseer and hadith to extract the life lessons we need to become better people. You will learn about the eternal struggle with Satan, bravery, humility, piety, remembering your Lord, leadership, honesty, generosity, avoiding backbiting & envy, justice and so on. This course is replete with essential topics you simply must learn about to develop your character.

  • Numerous inner qualities of being brave, soft hearted, open minded, controlling anger, resisting satan and more.
  • How to deal with issues of the family, including those with parents, spouses, children and the extended family.
  • How to be a person of distinction in the community.
  • Defining and explaining how to attain the desirable and sought after quality of taqwa.
  • The sunnah of love!
  • The importance of keeping good company and being good company.
  • The rights each and every Muslim has on you! 
  1. An appreciation of the responsibilities that come with Islam.
  2. An appreciation of how to utilise everything that Allah has graced us with to become the best we can.
  3. To be empowered in overcoming our faults, vices and sins.
  4. To know how to clothe ourselves with the garment of submission.

Part 1 | Self

Inner dialogue: Qur’anic life lessons from Ibrahim, Surat al-Shurara<

  • Bravery
  • Compassion
  • Fear of fame
  • Open-mindedness
  • Qur’anic injunctions to engage one’s mind
  • Optimism

Self-control: Qur’anic life lessons from Surat al-Furqan, Q. 25

  • Overcoming anger
  • Piety and self-restraint
  • Taqwa (self-restraint)
  1. Benefits of taqwa as derived from the Qur’an
  2. That which awakens taqwa
  3. Degrees of taqwa

External struggle: Qur’anic life lessons from Ibrahimm, Surat al-araf, Q. 7:11-30

  • Resisting Shaya¹­an
  • Remembrance of Allah
  • Striving against one’s desires / making firm our resolve
  • Holding onto and adhering to Divine Guidance

Resisting the Dunya: Qur’anic life lessons from Surat al-Zumar, Q. 39

  • Using time to one’s best advantage
  • Mastering sincerity
  • Vigilance against sin
  • Disassociation from Dunya
  • The believer constantly seeks to improve

Part 2 | Family

Mother and father: Qur’anic life lessons from Surat al-Rum, Q. 30:17-22

  • Your parents before yourself
  • Mother before father

Wife: Qur’anic life lessons from Surrat al-Qaf, Q. 28

  • Honesty
  • Guardianship before Allah
  • Two become one
  • The marriage business: think it through
  • Compassionate mercy
  • a poor man but a good man
  • advice for the king of the castle
  • a queen befitting a king
  • a mother’s advice for her daughter-bride
  • The sunnah of love

Children: Qur’anic lessons from Surat Luqman, Q. 31

  • Children are a test and trial
  • Finding balance in an unbalanced world
  • Protecting our children
  • The pain of losing a child
  • Supplications

Extended family: Qur’anic lessons from Surat Yusuf, Q. 12

  • The art of living with your in-lawsRoots of dissension: disrespectful daughter-in-law
  • The unwise mother-in-law
  • How can a wife win the pleasure of her mother-in-law
  • How can a mother win the pleasure of her daughter-in-law?
  • Brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law
  • Cope well with personal problems / problem management

Part 3 | Community

Love for others what you love for yourselves, Surat al-Kahf, Q. 18

  • Honourable associations
  • Characteristics of a Muslim
  • Befriending the right people
  • 6 rights of the Muslim
  • Bravery
  • Compassion
  • Fear of fame
  • Open-mindedness
  • Qur’anic injunctions to engage one’s mind
  • Optimism
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