A Believer's Ramadan


  • 1 April2018 - 31 December 2020
  • 12:00am to 12:00am
  • Online - Worldwide
  • Course Notes:
    Free folder with course notes complete with Quran and Hadith references
  • Course Audio:
    Free MP3 audio of each tutor session available to download
  • Breaks & Refreshments:
    Free refreshments provided during frequently held breaks throughout the course.
  • Q&A Session:
    Courses include Question and Answer session. Sisters only Q&A also available
  • Student Participation:
    Students encouraged to enhance learning via case based studies.

Additional Resources

A Believer’s Ramadan is a new & inspiring Ramadan program that will help you to have the best Ramadan of your life.

A daily reminder by Sheikh Bilal Ismail, that will reflect on making the most of that particular day of Ramadan. You will go day by day with a focus on how to make the most of it and pleasing Allah the most.


  • The video series will cover the following topics:
  • The amazing fast
  • History of Ramadan
  • Fasting is protection
  • Month of the Quran
  • Allah wants ease for us
  • Nullifiers of fasting
  • Taraweeh
  • The A-Z of Ramadan
  • Ramadan hadith
  • Blessings of Ramadan
  • Mistakes in Ramadan
  • Ramadan FAQ
  • Our protection
  • Tafsir Surak Al-Ikhlas
  • Tafsir Surah An-Nasr
  • Tafsir Surah Al-Asr
  • Signs of a Believer
  • A Muslim isn't just for Ramadan
  • Eid

To make it even more exciting for those that want to learn, while giving sadaqah and supporting the Islamic Dawah all year round, this program will be available free of charge for all those signing up for our wonderful enrich program. If you would like free access to this program, visit enrich.alkauthar.org

To have the best Ramadan of your life, with a daily boost from Shaikh Bilal, arriving in your mailbox after Fajr, everyday of Ramadan

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