The A-Z of Love & Mercy

Fiqh of Marriage & Divorce

  • 28 - 29 January 2017
  • 8:30am to 7:00pm
  • Manchester - UK
  • University of Salford - Chapman Building, Chapman Building, The University of Salford, University Road, Salford, Greater Manchester, M5 4QZ
The A-Z of Love & Mercy

Price: £60.00

  • Course Notes:
    Free folder with course notes complete with Quran and Hadith references
  • Course Audio:
    Free MP3 audio of each tutor session available to download
  • Breaks & Refreshments:
    Free refreshments provided during frequently held breaks throughout the course.
  • Q&A Session:
    Courses include Question and Answer session. Sisters only Q&A also available
  • Student Participation:
    Students encouraged to enhance learning via case based studies.

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The quest to spend our life with a special someone is a journey every one of us aspires to embark on. It is precisely for this reason that the Shariah has clarified to us so many of its principles and mannerisms, that we may lead a blessed, happy life with our true soul mate. Without this knowledge, marriage is devoid of the blessings of Islam. Similarly, to ensure that the Islamic brotherhood and sisterhood is preserved, the Shariah has set down clear guidelines on the Prophetic etiquettes and rulings of divorce. Despite divorce being so rampant these days, most people hardly know anything about it.

In this course you will learn the fiqh of the entire marriage process. Some of the course highlights include:

  • Qualities to look for in a spouse
  • Manners of proposing to a prospective partner
  • The rulings of Islam pertaining to the marriage contract, its conditions and invalidators
  • Modern methods and types of marriage and their rulings in Islam
  • Clear understanding about the rulings of illegal marriage, zina. How to deal with it's children out of wedlock
  • Rulings pertaining to the Islamic manner of divorce and annulment (khula)
  • Clear and detailed understanding of the aftermath of divorce, such as child custody

Nurture that love and build a blessed marriage by learning all you need to know about the rules and regulations of Marriage with AlKauthar's knockout course.

  1. Learn all about the rulings of marriage, the marriage proposal, the pillars of marriage and its details.
  2. Learn all about the women that are forbidden to get married to and about their level of dependance on their wali.
  3. Learn in detail about the rulings of divorce and its intricacies.
  4. Learn all about the Iddah and its rulings, and the khula and its rulings.
  5. Clarify a number of misunderstandings regarding marriage and divorce laws in Islam.
  6. Have a good idea about the rulings regarding some of the most important modern issues that plague our society in the matters of marriage and divorce.
  7. Appreciate the comprehensive nature of our Shariah.
  1. Introduction to Marriage
  2. The Rulings of Marriage
  3. Choosing the right spouse
  4. Making the proposal
  5. Pillars of Marriage
  6. The Women that are forbidden
  7. The Wali
  8. he Mahr (dowry)
  9. Fiqh of Divorce
  10. Nature of divorce in Islam
  11. Pillars of Divorce
  12. Types of Divorce
  13. The Iddah (waiting period)
  14. Annulment of marriage (khula)
  15. The rights of custody
Bilal Ismail

Bilal Ismail

Sheikh Bilal Ismail was born in Durban, South Africa. He is one of three siblings and comes from a religious traditional hanafi family.

He memorized the Quran while studying at school and went on to complete high school in 1998. Sheikh Bilal then went on to do a diploma in Computer Science in 1999, as well as qualifying as a Microsoft certified systems engineer. He was accepted into the Islamic University of Madinah in 2001 where he completed his Diploma in Arabic followed by a BA in Islamic Law from the faculty of Shariah. He is currently completing his masters degree.

After graduating from Madinah, he returned to South Africa where he had been teaching Fiqh and Tafsir weekly classes in Durban since the summer of 2007 and says he is still a student of knowledge - and will always be!

Sheikh Bilal joins our academic team as an instructor and as the academic head of the Students Guild and has quickly become a favourite of AK students around the world.

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