The Final Rites - Inheritance

The Final Rites - Inheritance

Fiqh of Inheritance

Price: $41.00

  • 20 January 2017
  • 8:30am to 7:00pm
  • Doha - Qatar

Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) said, "Do not let three nights pass without your wasiyah being prepared with you". (Nasaai 3633)

Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) said, "Study [the law of] inheritance and teach it, for it is half of knowledge; it will be forgotten: it will be the first [body of knowledge] to be taken away from my ummah". (Ibn-Maja, 2823)

Why study the rules of inheritance?

  • It increases love and mercy between family members.
  • The knowledge that property will pass on to one’s familyencourages one to increase it and protect it.
  • The wealth is distributed to various persons, as opposed to one, thereby encouraging economic activity and interaction.
  • One’s offspring receive the largest shares because they are one’s closest kin.

In this One-day course, you will learn about:

  • The wisdom of inheritance
  • Importance of the knowledge of inheritance
  • Pillars of inheritance
  • Reasons for inheriting
  • Conditions for inheritance to be implemented
  • Impediments to inheriting
  • The estate
  • Heirs
  • Types of heirs

Who is this course for?

  • Every Muslim striving to practice Islam correctly and looking to increase his/her attachment to the Akhira

What will you come out with at the end of the course?

  • A binder that summarizes the most important rules of janazah, burials & inheritance.
  • An in-depth understanding of the process and guidelines of writing will & bequests
  • An understanding of related innovations that we need avoid related to inheritance

Course materials

When you sign up for a course, at the first session, you will be given a binder full of notes and important reading regarding the rules of inheritance. You will be able to take down notes directly in the folder - this will stay with you for your future reference.

  • Course Length: 8 hours
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Language: English
  • Subject: Fiqh
  • Course Notes:
  • Course Notes:
    Free folder with course notes complete with Quran and Hadith references
  • Course Audio:
    Free MP3 audio of each tutor session available to download
  • Breaks & Refreshments:
    Free refreshments provided during frequently held breaks throughout the course.
  • Q&A Session:
    Courses include Question and Answer session. Sisters only Q&A also available
  • Student Participation:
    Students encouraged to enhance learning via case based studies.
Sajid Ahmed Umar

Sajid Ahmed Umar

Sheikh Sajid Umar is the Chairman of AlKauthar Institute. He was born in Leicester, UK. He attended primary and secondary school and college in Harare (Zimbabwe), where he studied IT and obtained a first class degree. Having memorised the Quran at the age of 18 and successfully opening an IT business, he turned his attention towards Islamic studies. He travelled to Riyadh where he enrolled at Imam Muhammed Ibn Saud Islamic University completing a University Diploma in Arabic language and Islamic Sciences. He continued his studies at al-Imam University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Shariah, and a master’s degree in Judiciary (Qadha) from the Higher Institute for Judiciary Studies (Ma’had al-ali li’l-Qada) at al-Imam University. His Master’s Thesis was a Shariah based study of Liquidity Management using the famous Repurchase Agreement concept. He is now pursuing his PhD in the institute of Judiciary in Riyadh, specializing in Fiqh.

He has spent much of his semester breaks teaching various Islamic and development programs for the youth and adults worldwide. These classes ranged from lectures in Masajid, Conferences, Radio, TV and via Online mediums. He has also spent time working on syllabus and curriculum for use in Islamic schools based in the West. He is also a Senior Lecturer at Knowledge International University and a member of their Academic Management Team. His hobbies include building computers to customer specs, book collecting and reading.

Sheikh Sajid is also the ‘Director of Islamic Development’ for Mercy Mission World, AlKauthar and Student’s Guild Lecturer, Chief Islamic Editor for Little Explorers Magazine, and project manager for several media related programs specific to Islamic Satellite Channels.

Sheikh Sajid is married and has two sons, named Abdullah and Ahmed. He has a brown belt in karate, is a keen golfer, swimmer, footballer and cricketer, and has completed several articles and dissertations on the Islamic Sciences.

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