Heart Therapy

Heart Therapy

Purification of the Soul

Instructor: Abu Abdissalam

  • Date: 14 - 15 April 2012
  • Time: 8:30am to 7:00pm
  • Location: Bradford - UK


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The human being is essentially made of three components: the body, the mind and the soul. Islam views the soul as an extremely important component and it is given a lot of attention by those learned in the sacred sciences. The soul is something that the devout Muslim seeks to reform, purify and keep free from harmful diseases in the same way one would protect oneself from the ailments of the body.

Purification of the soul (tazkiyat al-nafs) is a branch of the Islamic sciences and the topic has been discussed at length. The state of our soul is directly connected to the state of our heart. As with the physical world wherein physicians have sought to find cures to the body, similarly specialists in the matters of the heart have given cures to the maladies of the heart.

To know that it is the pure heart that gains adsmission to Paradise is enough to show the importance of this subject.

In this course you will gain understanding of the fundamental aspects of the Soul: how it relates to your faith, what causes it to corrupt and what are the cures. You will learn about the 6 traps of Shayṭān and how they corrupt your heart. In particular you will learn about the following diseases affecting the heart:

  1. Anger
  2. Backbiting, slander and tale carrying
  3. Envy
  4. Lying
  5. Riyāʾ (Ostentation)
  6. Love of this world
  7. Miserliness
  8. Hatred

You will learn each disease in detail: from its causes, symptoms and most importantly its cures. The cleansing of the soul should ultimately lead to attaining the highest level of faith, iḥsān. This knowledge of purification of the soul should help you take practical steps towards this end result.

The Prophet said, “Allah did not send down a disease from the sky except that He sent its cure with it; so seek medical treatment O worshippers of Allah!” The scholars have said that it is obligatory to seek treatment for the diseases of the heart and recommended for diseases of the body!

Abu Abdissalam

Abu Abdissalam

Abu Abdissalam was born in Coventry and was raised in London. Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the City University in London, his zeal for knowledge led him to give up a subsequently lucrative career in the computer industry to join Dār Al-Ḥadīth Al-Khayriyyah in the blessed city of Makkah where he obtained a degree in Islamic Studies, specialising in Ḥadīth and it's Sciences.

During his time there, he has studied under many of the prominent scholars of our time. He has completed a degree at the Dār al-Ḥadīth, Makkah.

In the course of his studies he has acquired ijāzas for all of the six major books of Ḥadīth (al-Bukhārī, Muslim, al-Tirmidhī, Abū Dāwūd, al-Nasāʾī and Ibn Mājah). In addition to this, he has obtained ijāzas for the Sharḥ of ʿAqīdah Ṭaḥāwiyyah of Ibn ʿAbd al-ʿIzz al-Ḥanafi, Shaykh Muḥammmad Amīn al-Harari's Sharḥ of the Muqadimmah of Muslim and Nuzhat al-Naẓr Sharḥ Nukhbat al-Fikr of Ibn Ḥajar.

Abu Abdissalam has translated a number of Islamic texts from Arabic into English for the benefit of the English speaking Muslims around the world. 

Abu Abdissalam also appears regularly on Islam Channel, a UK-based satellite channel which is currently broadcasting two of his series: 'Heavenly Pearls' and 'Stories of the Prophets'.


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Bradford Royal Infirmary

The Sovereign Lecture Theatre,

The Bradford Royal Infirmary,
Duckworth Lane, Bradford,
West Yorkshire


Course Objectives

1. Appreciating the holistic nature of Islam.
2. Love for Allah’s Messenger (ṣalla'llāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam).
3. Recognising the diseases of the heart.
4. Learning their causes and their cures
5. Purifying your intentions for actions.
6. Anger management.
7. Controlling the tongue.
8. Increasing the quality of your tawbah.


Course Contents

Part 1: The 3 Components of Man & the Reality of Religion

  • The 3 Components of Man
  • The Components of the Religion

Part 2: Iḥsān

  • The levels of Iḥsān
  • Acquiring higher levels of Iḥsān

Part 3: Tazkiyah – Concepts & Terms

  • Definition of Tazkiyat al-Nafs
  • Remedies and Cures
  • Importance of Tazkiyat al-Nafs

Part 4: The Traps of the Shayṭān

  • Evil – Origins and Wisdoms
  • Iblīs' Ploy
  • Repentance
  • Iblīs’ Last Attack

Part 5: Diseases and Vices of the Heart

  • Anger - Effects of Anger; Anger management
  • Backbiting, slander and tale carrying 
  • Envy
  • Lying
  • Riyāʾ (Ostentation): Types of Riyāʾ
  • Love of this world
  • Miserliness
  • Hatred